Pre-Shoot Checklist

Less Is More


When planning for your photo shoot, pay close attention to the outside of your house. In this crucial field, less is almost always best.

The following are some of the most significant (and overlooked) elements to remove:

  • Cars, trailers, and trucks are removed from the driveway. These bulky obstructions will obscure the view of the house you're attempting to display.
  • Garbage/recycling cans Put them somewhere out of view. You don't want to direct home buyers' minds into the garbage when you're trying to open their thoughts to their future.
  • Toys, bicycles, and skateboards. When these symbols of life and recreation are forgotten in the yard or drive, they leave a negative impact.
  • Signs for real estate. These can be removed, but some of them are harder to remove from the soil. For reasons such as this, we offer Item De-clutter virtual removal services.


To begin, almost all personal objects should be kept out of sight during the shoot. Family photos, memorabilia, and personal ornaments should all be removed prior to a shoot.

Water bowls, pet beds, squeaky toys, leashes, and collars should all be removed from sight before the photo shoot.

Other points of consideration:

Windows should be clean and free of any streaks.

Garbage/recycling bins should be hidden.

Take out all floor mats, door mats, and rugs.

Switch on all lights and lamps, and replace any non matching or faulty bulbs.

Ceiling fans should be turned to off.

Living Area

People must imagine themselves living in these spaces. This can be challenging if their eyes are tripping over children's toys or electrical cables, if coffee tables are cluttered with magazines and newspapers, or if couches are so overstuffed with decorative pillows that there isn't room to sit!

Here are some methods for preparing your living room for a photo shoot:

Place any video game equipment, TV remotes, or DVDs in a cabinet out of sight.

Hide any exposed electrical cords.

Remove all books, magazines, coffee cups, and other clutter.

Arrange cushions neatly and keep their appearance to a minimum.


Do not underestimate the bathroom's ability to sell a house! Any real estate agent will tell you how important a good bathroom is to most home buyers..

A tidy, refreshing, and comfortable bathroom is a big selling point for any home. Perhaps more importantly, a drab bathroom can be a deal breaker.

Here are some ideas for getting your bathrooms ready for a real estate photography shoot:

Ensure that the shower screen is streak-free.

Set out organized, coordinating towels and fold them twice.

Set all taps to center or side on.

Things such as toothbrushes, tissue boxes, and skin creams should be removed.

Close the medicine cabinet and make certain that no prescriptions are available.

Place the toilet seat down.

Bath mats should be removed from the floor and covered from view.

Dining / Kitchen

The kitchen and dining areas of a house, like the bathroom, may have a significant impact on a buyer's decision to purchase a home.

preparing a home for a photo shoot usually entails removing eyesores and other clutter. The kitchen is your chance to let your inner interior designer shine. It's a good idea to set the table with your finest cutlery and glassware before photographing a kitchen or dining room. A low-height centerpiece can also be a lovely addition.

Other considerations to bear in mind when planning your kitchen for a photo shoot:

To complement the natural light, switch on all lamps. Turn on the oven light for an extra touch of ambiance.

Remove items from the outside of the refrigerator, like magnets, prints, and to-do lists.

All appliances should be streak-free, stain-free, and clutter-free. Dishes should be put away, and tea towels should be removed.

Small appliances such as toasters and coffee makers should be hidden.

Entry Area

The entry area of your house, like the exterior front, is an area of first impression.

Here are some pointers to help you ready your entryway for a shoot.

Shoes, shoe shelves, umbrellas, and floor mats should be removed.

Remove any mirrors that can cause uncomfortable reflections or shadows on the day of the photo shoot.


The picture of the main bedroom is extremely significant. Keep in mind that the people who want to see the master bedroom are generally the ones who are going to buy the home. As a result, care must be taken to make the main bedroom as welcoming as possible.

Make the bed with the most appealing pillowcases and blankets; neutral colors and tiny pops of color work well.

Remove all personal belongings from nightstands and dressers.

Switch all of the lights on in the building.