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Roger & Pamela Harlan - Long Realty

It was a pleasure to watch Geno working. I could tell that he was carefully considering the best place from where to take each photo, gave careful consideration to lighting and wasn't rushing to get the job done. It's obvious that he cares and wants to produce the best images and that he does!

dyann fairchild miller- Long Realty

Geno is a photographer with passion for perfection. That makes him my choice for real estate photos. He understands that each home needs to tell its own story and so he does not rush the shoot. Since I am the one that will put words to the pictures, Geno understands that I must be able to speak into which shots are needed. He is wonderful as a collaborator. He understands lighting and composition; a joy to work with!

Lynne Ast-Engel and Voelkers

Geno's photos bring the inanimate to life. A house becomes a warm, inviting embrace. Somehow, you feel like you are actually inside of the photograph experiencing the home's stunning ambience. Bravo Geno!

Serving the Tucson area, as well as the Pima, Cochise and Santa Cruz counties.